Ubuntu Mother & Child Care

Ubuntu Health Care Clinic is a private Mother and baby care clinic that offers services that focuses on Pregnant moms and their babies and also the well being of the entire family by providing basic wellness health screenings fit for all family members. 

This is an online booking app for their clients

The Problem

Owners of the clinic needed an easy way for clients to book appointments ahead of time as this helps them plan their time effectively for each day. Clients had the option to call but it wasn’t a convenient way since they couldn’t book outside of office hours.

My Role

I did the research, drew up some wireframing and created the prototype for idea validation. I also designed the App Interface. Then I handed over to the app developers for building the app. The project took 2 weeks.

Step 1

User Research – Archetypes

It is important to establish who will use the app as that helps with your design decisions. The Ubuntu app will mainly be used by mothers before and after giving birth. It needs to be simple and easy to understand. The users are already frustrated by their condition and you do not want to present them with an app that requires too much of their time and energy.

Step 2

Wireframing & User Flow

During the wireframing process, I kept in mind that the app needed to be simple, with a very clear call-to-action and must have the least amount of clickable options on screen to eliminate any room for error.

The Solution

To solve the problem users had, I designed the app’s User Interface to follow a simple user flow. Only one Call to Action per screen and very few colors to avoid having too much happening on the screen.

Important Features

  • The app should send a confirmation email to the user, which a calendar event so that they don’t forget the appointment date
  • There is only one onboarding screen before the app dashboard. The fewer clicks the better. 

Step 3

Prototyping & UI Design

Color, Typography and App UI – The prototyping process was quick and dirty in an attempt to push to build in the quickest time possible. I used the brand colors sparingly and choose the Blue and the bright green for CTAs.